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What is Cyprus like?

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Since we’re back from our vacation,

everyone asks us: “What is Cyprus like?”

First of all, this third island of the Mediterranean Sea is divided into two,

to the south the Republic of Cyprus, recognized and EU member, to the

north the self-proclaimed Republic of Turkey. In fact, to visit a part of the

capital, Nicosia, we showed our documents at the two borders. Thanks to

its position among three different continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, the

island of Cyprus attracts above all northern European and Russian


IMG 0864 300x300 - What is Cyprus like?

Our base for two weeks was in Pafos, a city rich in coastal resorts and

archaeological sites. Here, where the sun is seen 300 days a year, chose

to live my brother with his family. We mainly came to celebrate the

baptism of our beautiful nephew, born a few months ago.

IMG 0864 300x225 - What is Cyprus like?

My brother, guide and personal driver, took us to see breathtaking places,

some new for him too. A very important thing for those who have to rent a

car, I remember the guide on the left, just like in the UK. Done certainly

due to the previous state, the British Colony in Cyprus.

Here are the things to see and do nearby:

Coral Bay

The most popular sandy beach, is 12 km north of the city of

Pafos. Small but equipped, with bar and free parking. Here the cost of an

umbrella and two sunbeds is 7.50 euros, obviously for the whole day.

Great for a beach awarded with the blue flag.

IMG 1619 225x300 - What is Cyprus like?

Kings Avenue Mall

 Our afternoon retreat in the heart of Pafos,

right in front of my brother’s home. A relaxing shopping experience

in a very modern and convenient mall. To make tax free the minimum

cost is 50 euros and VAT is 19%. For more detailed information visit

Tombs of the Kings

 In a separate area, a large necropolis, World

Heritage, well protected by UNESCO, about two kilometers from the

center. A special and suggestive visit recommended in the cooler hours

of the day to discover the burial sites of aristocrats and senior officials.

Pafos Castle

 A historical landmark of the city, is located exactly at the

end of the harbor. With a medieval structure, it served as a fortress,

prison and even a salt warehouse during the British occupation of the

island. Now it welcomes many tourists in the evening events, especially

when the cultural festival takes place. Please consult the



IMG 2243 300x225 - What is Cyprus like?

Archaeological Park

Still being excavated, is located in the area that

leads from the Kings Avenue Mall to the port. It has an enviable historical

and archaeological wealth, as the town of Pafos was named the European

capital of culture in 2017.

Blue Lagoon

 On the Akamas peninsula, a wonderful place where you

arrive with a boat trip starting from the port of Latchi. Here diving into

crystal clear waters is an unforgettable experience. No one would like to

leave this inviting and refreshing natural pool.

IMG 1714 225x300 - What is Cyprus like?

The baths of Aphrodite

Near Latchi, a small cave above the hill, which can be reached on foot by

crossing a beautiful botanical garden that gives peace and tranquility to

tourists. Greek mythology tells that he was here, in the small natural pool, 

where the goddess of love and beauty bathed. The same location where

Adonis saw her for the first time and fell in love. Other local myths say

that water from the baths of Aphrodite brings fertility, prolongs the

beauty and youth of those who touch the waters. Actually, you can only

wet your hands and face, as it is forbidden to bathe in this place. 😉

IMG 2577 169x300 - What is Cyprus like?

Petra tou Romiou

A small pebble beach, is located on the scenic road

that connects the two cities Pafos and Limassol. Directly from the car park

with coffee shop take the pedestrian underpass to arrive at the beach in

complete safety. The mythological birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek

goddess of love, emerged from the foam of the waves.

IMG 2578 169x300 - What is Cyprus like?

Aphrodite Waterpark

 Tthe largest water park in Pafos, suitable for

children and adults. Fun guaranteed from early April to late October. It is

located a few kilometers south of the city going towards the Rikkos beach.

Pafos Zoo

A family visit of wildlife, including monkeys, giraffes,

crocodiles, white lions, tigers and many others.

Lara Bay

One of the last nesting places in the Mediterranean Sea for

green turtles. To reach this wide and practically deserted beach you need

a 4×4 vehicle. Furthermore, this is another secret place for an

unforgettable sunset experience.

Mount Olympus

 The highest peak of the island, is part of the Troodos

mountain ranges, in the Cypriot part. For nature lovers, it will be an

adventure to walk along a nature trail to discover the local flora and

fauna. In the summer season, it is the ideal place to escape from the

scorching heat, but in winter it is the magical place for skiers and

snowboarders. The Troodos area is one of the richest copper areas

in the world.

IMG 2579 169x300 - What is Cyprus like?

At the end of a holiday, I first try to focus on positive things.

In this case, the time spent with the family and friends I found there.

Pafos offers many professional opportunities and the communities of

foreigners such as Romanians, Russians and English have seized the

opportunity. Leaving in the last place the less positive things like the few

flights from Italy or the fact of not finding the bins for separate waste

collection or the fact that in stores they still offer plastic bags.

This post will be updated the next time I will go to Cyprus. 😉

IMG 3437 - What is Cyprus like?

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