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Sweet Fragoloso

Hello my friends!

Last evening I was having dinner for the first time at this restaurant that is two steps away from my house. It hapens that you have something great under your nose and you don’t see it untill someone tells you about.

So before I decided to go in this place my friend was telling me she usually order a great hamburger made with chianina meet (made in Tuscany), truffle and pecorino cheese. Then she make me dream about the special strawberry tiramisù that makes your mouth-watering. I have sweet tooth of cake! There is no dinner out without the perfect sweet!

IMG 2064 300x225 - Sweet Fragoloso

Said and done, I have eaten my hamburger, that was tasty, but when I got to order my dessert, there was no strawberry tiramisù anymore. Well, I decided to make my own sweet fragoloso, maybe it’s even better.

Here are the small jars to serve individual desserts, the only rule is your boundless creativity! Find it here

Let me know if you already tried to do something sweet in these little jars.


IMG 2334 300x225 - Sweet Fragoloso

IMG 2336 e1496053094286 225x300 - Sweet Fragoloso

IMG 2341 300x225 - Sweet Fragoloso


IMG 2347 300x225 - Sweet Fragoloso

IMG 2348 e1496994809247 225x300 - Sweet Fragoloso



IMG 3437 - Sweet Fragoloso

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