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The story of my pink hair with Colorista Washout

Hello beauties!

In this post I’m going to tell you the story of my pink hair. One day I went to my local drugstore to buy various things for the house cleaning and personal care. As soon as I walk in I see my friend Sara that was buying the new Colorista Washout from L’Oréal Paris, a temporary hair color that lasts from 2 to 15 shampoo.

At this point, I sad to her, I wanna see this new line and I head to the hair area of the shop. When I arrived to the Colorista display, in fact was almost empty. I immediately thought “Buy it now before it ends!” From all the available colors, to be exactly 12 colors, I chose #dirtypink. In brief I wanted a new hair color without ruin my blonde hair.

When I finally arrived home with my new purchase, my inner though was that I don’t wanna look like Peppa Pig or Pink Panther  😉 Both of them are pink and famous.

In summary, Colorista Washout is a colored cream tube, ready to use on clean hair, without any styling products, for 20 minutes. You can do it on your own, it was created for the home use, there are also many tutorials on web. I wanted to do only dirtypink shades, so I decided to go to my trusted hair stylist and friend Andrea Ginanneschi from Hairforce in the middle of Florence, in Via Ghibellina.

First of all Andrea washed my hair with specific products, second dryed my hair very well and third applied the colored cream only on a few little strands of hair. In conclusion we wait for the surprise color for 20 minutes.

In the end my hair was gorgeous, my blonde with new dirty pink amazing highlights. That’s a really great hair combo for the hair color trends. I remember I was a sixteen year old teenager when I did my pink hair for the first time, I was rocking the ’90s.

Dare to try a new hair color, even one that last for a few shampoo like Colorista Washout. As can be seen the effect it’s great also after weeks. For these reason I will try other L’Oréal hair colors.

Have you tried a different hair color from L’Oréal Paris or other hair color brands to dye your hair?


IMG 2543 e1503477901754 225x300 - The story of my pink hair with Colorista Washout

IMG 2752 e1503478315163 225x300 - The story of my pink hair with Colorista Washout

IMG 3237 225x300 - The story of my pink hair with Colorista Washout

IMG 3437 - The story of my pink hair with Colorista Washout

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