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Space Clearing

Hello beautiful people!

One of this days talking with my husband, he was telling me that he has too much clothes and he is using only 10% of this. Can that be true or maybe he was esagerating a little bit? We are fortunate to have a dressing room ,one wall belongs to him and two walls are for me. But the space is not enough. 😉

He is that kind of person who hates shopping, the opposite of me. The truth is that we all have stuff that we have never worn.

IMG 6116 e1498211327730 225x300 - Space Clearing

Anyway the point is that all of us should be maxing some space clearing ones a year, twice a year or anytime you feel like. For some of you, it’s hard to do it, so when you start ask yourself : – Do I really need this? – Does it fit me perfectly?

Collecting clothing and accessories makes you feel good on the moment, but then you realize that your wardrobe is a mess, no space of stockage. So in this case less is more. Buy less stuff, invest in good quality.

I will tell you my secret : I use the French site vestiairecollective 

to refresh my wardrobe and sell the items I don’t wear. With the Vestiaire Collective App you can start selling in 5 simple steps. The are more than 6 millions of people from all around the world that are using Vestiaire Collective to sell or to buy second hand luxury fashion.

After you do your decluttering, reorganize your closet and feel happier.

IMG 1513 212x300 - Space Clearing

IMG 1512 202x300 - Space Clearing

There are many books about this argoment, but I suggest you to read one of the books of Marie Kondo, the young Japanese writer and organizing consultant who invented the “KonMari Metod”, buy it here : Amazon

To be inspired take a look at his blog konmari


Good job girls! Let me know how your work is coming along.

PS. Thanks to my friend Laura for giving me the book of Marie Kondo. :-X











IMG 3437 - Space Clearing

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