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Skin Care Routine

Hello Beautiful!!!

Yes, You are beautiful, We all are beautiful! There are no ugly women, only lazy ones, said Helena Rubinstein. So don’t be lazy in the morning when you wake up, don’t be lazy in the evening when you go to bed. Take a few minutes to cuddle your skin, because your face is your visit card. When a person is looking at you, is looking first at your face, then is looking how you are dressed and other details.. The secret for a perfect skin starts  with your daily routine.

More than one woman said to me: “- I use only soap for my face, nothing else!..” This is scandalous for me, that I’m kind of obsessed with my skincare routine. Every morning I wash my face with a cleansing product, then I gently apply a specific eye contour cream and a specific day cream with SPF filter. My roots teached me not to get tanned on my face. Now that I’m living under the Tuscan sun, where the culture of sunbathing is a must, I say yes to sun, but only with maximum protection for my skin.

Four years ago I used for the first time Let The Good Times Roll (Maisenza) from Lush ( Handmade with fresh ingredients), a delicate exfoliating cream that smells really great and leaves you a silky-smooth skin. The spicy sweet smell is delicious thanks to corn and cinnamon. Absolutely to try!! Buy it here Lush

IMG 5598 2 300x200 - Skin Care Routine

In the evening, my skincare routine it’s a little bit more complicated because I have to remove my long-lasting makeup. I begin by using a two-phase waterproof makeup remover for my eyes and a milk&tone lotion for the rest of the face, then I wash my face with a gently mousse. Tonic lotion is not an option it’s a must-do thing. Now my face is ready to receive all the night treatments: eye contour, face serum, face cream, and sometimes a night mask. The most important thing is that I never go to bed with makeup.  So find the right products according to the needs of your skin, no matter what your age is and don’t forget about your neckline. 😉

Actually I’m using this single-dose vitamins, for the evening Uniqa A, a treatment that removes dead cells from the superficial layer of my skin, regulates cell turnover, so my skin appears flawless and bright. Find out more on uniqapeacosmetics

IMG 1559 e1496994973708 225x300 - Skin Care Routine

 For a deep facial cleansing I use once a week scrub&peel products and face mask. I assure you that my skin is soft and smooth like my baby girl’s skin.

If you want to learn about how another culture approaches beauty; if you want to start your first skincare routine or improve the one you have, I suggest you to read this book : The Little Book of Skin Care Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam find it here

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Let me know your skincare routine and your favorite products.



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