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Shea butter cream for hands to marry

Always tighten your hands and fall in love as if it were not tomorrow

When I met my husband at the first appointments I asked him :

What do you like about me? and he answered me:  I like your hands!.

Seems to have been sincere, in fact after several months he asked me to

marry him. 😉

Hence we met exactly on the day of my birthday in January. Thus a cold

month in which the hands needs more care than usual. Due to climatic

changes and frequent washings, the hands are the first to suffer, so use

a little cream at any time of the day.

Certainly in the summer few of us use the hand creams because

we do not feel the need. Instead, just when the weather changes with the cold

and wind the hands become dry and cracked.

Finding the right product according to everyone’s needs will not be

easy, especially with the expansive market offer.

I really do not like rich and greasy creams, so my favorite gets absorbed

quickly. In a few seconds my hands become smooth and velvety.

For about a year I have been using creams from L’Occitane with 20% of

shea butter. In fact if you look at the INCI list you will see that the first

ingredient is water, the second most noteworthy would be

Butyrospermum parkii (from the Latin butyro=butter and spermum=seed).

The French brand offers a wide bouquet of perfumes and hydration, but the

basic principle is always the same. As a result Shea butter is truly an excellent

ingredient for skin care and  protection. Consequently, its properties are

many:emollient, nutrients, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and


If you are curious to try the consistency and the various fragrances

there is also the small size 10 ml, not only 30 ml. I love them all and

never miss a cream hand in my purse! For those who are waiting for

the engagement ring you do not find yourself with dry hands! 😉


coff - Shea butter cream for hands to marry

occitane 263x300 - Shea butter cream for hands to marry

IMG 3437 - Shea butter cream for hands to marry

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