“Confidentiality policies” and “User License Agreement”


The purpose of this Privacy policy is to describe the methods of managing the Internet sites, second and third level, owned by Silvia Balan, in reference to the processing of personal data of users/visitors who consult them.

Silvia Balan, owner of the blog www.ladysi.com (the “site”), treats all the personal data of users/visitors of the services offered, in full compliance with the provisions of the Italian national law on privacy and, in particular, D. Lgs. 196/2003, In addition to the European regulations defined by the European Regulation 2016/679 also known as GDPR (General Data Protection regulation).

By using the site, you consent to be legally bound to the license agreement of the user. Otherwise, if you do not want to be linked to this agreement, please do not access ladysi.com.


Silvia Balan may change this “User License Agreement” and “privacy policies” at any time by posting the changes online. Please come and review this “user License Agreement” constantly to be informed about the changes made.


Access to the editorial content of the site, their consultation and reading of the content written by users within the discussion forum takes place completely free of charge and without the need for registration or bestowal of any data.


What kind of information does the site collect?


Information you provide directly to us:

You do not need to provide personal information directly to us before using the site. However, when you use certain site information, such as leaving a comment, signing up for the newsletter, accessing certain content and features, or contacting the site directly, you may be required to provide some personal information, including:

  • Contact information, such as name, email, zip code, country, gender, and phone number;
  • Username and password;
  • Information submitted in the community discussion
  • Correspondence that you send directly to us

Tracking information collected automatically while browsing the site:

We use Google Analytics to gather information about you and your behavior on the site to diagnose certain problems with your servers, review trends, and improve our service. When you are visiting the site, certain information that can be collected automatically includes:

  • Internet Protocol, Address (IP) of your computer, phone or other device;
  • Your geographic location, the date and time spent on the site, as well as the time of the visits;
  • Your browser type and operating system;
  • Web pages and the type of advertising as you navigate the site;
  • Activities carried out while exploring community discussions;
  • Information collected through HTML cookies, Flash cookies, and other similar technologies

Information gathered from other sources:

We can have information about you from third parties, from other platforms and sources, such as social sites (Facebook or Twitter), database, online marketing companies and targeting businesses.

How we use the information collected

Silvia Balan will not share, will not lend, will never sell your personal information to third parties. Personal information collected by you may be used for the following purposes:

  • Email Communications:

We can use your email to reply to your personal messages or for promotional messages, editorial updates, information about your account, or changes made to the site.

  • Advertising:

There are several types shown on the site and we can use demographics or information about your interests or online activities to view advertising targeted to certain products or services of your interest.

  • Statistical analysis:

We can use the data collected to study the functionality of the site, how it is used, when, where and whose, in order to increase the functionality of the site and show better performance.

  • Reinforcement

We can use the collected information to prevent any illegal activity and protect our rights and other users.

Third party websites and advertisements

In the site Ladysi.com you can find third-party websites, advertisements and other content and links that lead to services or products of our partners, suppliers, sponsors, advertisers and third parties. Some of the advertisements can be provided by Google.

The site does not check the published content or links and is not responsible for the practices employed by other sites linked to Ladysi.com. These sites and services may have its “Privacy Policies” and “User License Agreement”.

Navigating to their sites or having any kind of interaction with your products and services is subject to your terms and conditions.

The advertisements that you see on the site can be delivered by advertising partners, who can set their cookies. With the help of cookies can recognize your computer every time they send an online advertisement. The current “Privacy policy” does not cover the use of cookies by third parties.

 Cookie consensus policy

  • We use cookies to personalize content and advertising, to provide social media content and to analyze our traffic. We also share information regarding the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytical partners.
  • Vendors and third parties, including Google, and other networks use cookies that serve to understand the needs, and preferences of users when they visit the site.



We do our best to provide you with the most manicured information on the Internet. HOWEVER, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss or damage to the information, services or products seen on the site or other affiliated sites.

Ladysi.com cannot make any representations or warranties with respect to the information collected on the site. Posting to this site may present some errors or inaccurate information. However, the information is selected with maximum caution.

All the images that are on the site are copyright of their respective owners. We can refer to other sites and links and mention the owners of the images; But we do not have the control and responsibility of the source.

Ladysi.com does not require credit to images unless it has been noticed. If you have the rights to any image that appears on the site and you do not want it to appear on Ladysi.com, please contact us and it will be removed immediately.


It is our goal to offer you an excellent quality, an original content in our posts. Please note that we do not post information about Ladysi.com without making significant changes in the contents of the articles. Make sure to enter the link to the original source of the site when you use our articles and sources for your posts.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions regarding this “Privacy policies”, please feel free to contact us.