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Paris and the magic of Christmas season

If you think you have seen everything about Paris,  this wonderful metropolis
you are wrong because here there is always something new to discover.

It’s already been a week since I came back from Paris, with all this I’m

continuing to post my photos on my Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Certainly not to envy anyone, rather to encourage you to visit this magical

city. We know that traveling means discovering and knowing places,

cultures and new things. A friend of mine would say that traveling also

means knowing which way to go and not knowing which way to return. 😉

I have planned this holiday with my family and friends for months.  A city

break for three days where surprises were not lacking.  Starting with the flight

then arriving at the hotel and finishing with the broken strap of my new bag.

🙂  With all this j’aime la Ville Lumière especially during the holiday season

when the atmosphere becomes magical. It is not my first time in Paris and

I will still be happy to come back at any time of the year. Surely there will

always be something never seen before in this city so romantic and surprising.

To get to Paris, between the three airports, we chose Orly the nearest at a

distance of 14 km. From there we moved by taxi to our hotel located in the

Marais in the fourth arrondissement. The fixed taxi fares for the direct routes

between Paris and the main airports can be found by clicking the


Three days in Paris lived intensely

Our Parisian experience begins with a visit to the cathedral Notre Dame.

Right here in the square, about 50 meters from the entrance, there is point

zero, where now there is a Christmas tree. Even more beautiful to see at night

when the lights of the city fascinate you and seduce you. Also during the

Christmas holidays, inside the cathedral there is a beautiful moving

nativity scene (crèche de Noël ).

Starting from the point zero of Paris we continued our walk on the left

of the Seine, admiring several bridges up to the Louvre museum. And here

we are at another attraction, the glass pyramid visible in the Louvre square

which is the main entrance to the museum.

So the beautiful walk continues in the middle of the Tuileries garden up

to the Ferries wheel. As a result we pass for Place de la Concorde and we find

ourselves on Avenue des Champs-Elysées. One of the widest and most

majestic avenues in the world with its luxury shops and the crowds of

people worthy of a metropolis. I must say that I have always been passionate

about windows,  even  more after I attended the window dressing and visual

merchandising. For my joy this city is full of creative and visionary windows.

At the beginning of the famous avenue of Champs-Elysées we find the Arch

of Triumph, one of the points of attraction of the many tourists. An imposing

and important monument wanted by Napoleone Bonaparte to celebrate

victory in the battle of Austerlitz.

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Finally after a long walk we arrive at the foot of the famous wrought iron

tower. The symbol of the city, with a height of 300 m, the Eiffel Tower

deserves always to climb to the top. We fought the cold and fatigue for the

satisfaction of saying “To the top please!” For this attraction I suggest you

to take the skip tickets and get to the top when the sun greets the moon

for a breathtaking view.

We end the day in one of the typical French restaurants on the Rue de la

Huchette, in the Latin district. One of the oldest streets of Paris, located

along the Rive Gauche, near the cathedral of Notre Dame. A noisy, lively

and very crowded street, not to be missed. An urban legend tells

that anyone touching the Point Zero of Paris will return to this place .

And we came back after several years and also twice on the same day.

A curiosity to read on

Traveling with small children will not be easy for sure, it takes courage and

a lot of will. Conseguently, a corousel ride (manège) will surely be appreciated

by your children. Probably also by us mothers. 😉 Here are the most beautiful

rides according to

In the windows of the Parisian shops

there is pure art

Admiring the store windows of the department stores remains one of my

favorite things to do in this city. So a visit to the Gallerie Lafayette

(Haussmann) could not miss. In this period of the holidays a magical floating

Christmas tree has been set up made up of many colorful inflatable

balloons. Fashion, food, design, souvenirs and games for children to discover

on the six floors of the building. The panoramic terrace is on the seventh floor.

When the weather is unfavorable or you feel like shopping other magazines

are : Printemps (Haussmann), BHV Marais (Rue de Rivoli)

and Bon Marché (Rive Gauche – Rue de Sèvres).

On the Rive Droite we find Le Marais, the most bohemian and trendy district.

Definitely deserves a walk starting from Rue de Rivoli, passing through Rue

de Sévigné until you get to Place de Vosges. The first royal square,

quadrangular, with 16 buildings all with the same facade is very

frequented especially during the weekend.

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In the most elegant and romantic city there is no lack of space dedicated

to art. To see absolutely at least once in a lifetime the Louvre museum,

the most famous in the world. The list of the main museum to see on

Some monuments and museums in Paris are free the first

Sunday of each month and always for young people under 26 years.  So

beautiful youth travel just travel!

Paris à la prochaine fois!

IMG 3437 - Paris and the magic of Christmas season

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