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Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

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The month of January ended with two birthdays, first mine, the least important, then that of Cristina my daughter, who turned 10 years old. A nice milestone for a very intelligent and creative girl like her.

1 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

Since my blog’s most-read post appears to be How to organize a birthday party for 8 years children, I decided to tell you where we had the party this year. I am never short of ideas, I am always inventing something new and here is a very original thought on how to celebrate my daughter’s tenth birthday.

2 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

A meeting with some of her friends (those of the heart to be clear) in a place loved by me Flò Beauty of the Soul, a beauty and wellness center, where the owner Stefania and her collaborators know how to make you feel pampered and relaxed and obviously knowing to offer you the most innovative and personalized beauty treatment.

10 the perfect number, as well as the girls, present at the birthday, very excited and curious since they received the invitation, none of them had ever been a guest at a beauty center, I would say that they just don’t make it a habit at this age.

3 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

Maybe you will think that I am a mother who spoils her children, who always says yes, I consider myself a rather rigid and determined mother in the rules and in their education looking at the world around us, I decided to deny them the cell phone for communion, the tricks to wear at school (at least until high school) 😉 and the semi-permanent x nails … I would say nooo, before 18 we don’t talk about it !!

Ok, but now let’s not talk about education to children because everyone does what they want at home …

4 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

Let’s focus on the birthday party for girls, a beauty party full of fun in the midst of tricks and toys, let’s start with a small facial beauty treatment, a light scrub with massage and creamy creams with the specific line for children Abicì, then a pass of nail polish with color favorite by each, to conclude, light makeup with lots of glitters!

5 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

Another wish of the birthday girl and not only was to make cotton candy. And all lined up to receive the sweet desire.


A party where you can learn from an early age the importance of your well-being through the face and body care and cotton candy! haha ha .. !! And remember the phrase by Helena Rubinstein: “There are no ugly women, there are only lazy women”.

6 festa 225x300 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

Like every mother, I hope that my daughters become beautiful, given that the real beauty inside, comes primarily from their personalities!

And here’s the motto of the day: Just say Beauty Party is fun and guaranteed!

IMG 3437 - Pamper party for my 10-year-old daughter!!!

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