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The turtleneck the perfect garment for cold days

Lately, I prefer to choose a turtleneck as a uniform to combat a sore throat, the most common annoyance in the fall.

The star of the autumn the glen check jacket

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The checked jacket, or the investment piece to have absolutely this fall.

Obviously, the heaviness of the fabric is to be adapted according to the temperatures that in Europe are 15 degrees above the historical average.

An animal touch to every outfit

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The animal prints are certainly among the most popular trends of the autumn winter season.

As a result we find the leopard,

How to wear a crop top

First of all, what is a crop top?

A crop top can be a top, shirt, sweater or t-shirt for women,

Earrings, the indispensable accessory of the summer

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Girls, I must confess that I could never leave the house without makeup and without earrings.

We women love jewels,

Invited to a friend’s wedding

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July, the month of weddings

The first Saturday of the month I had the pleasure of participating as guest to the most exciting and engaging wedding ever.

5 dresses that every woman must have in her wardrobe

The usual dilemma of every woman: What to buy on sale?

The summer sales are at the door, so let’s hurry to buy only the evergreen items to have in our wardrobe.

My first time in Sardinia

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The first time, me and my family were on the northern coast of Sardinia.

An island of incredible beauty with an emerald green sea or transparent blue,

My world without perfumes and preservatives

Finding an allergy to perfumes and preservatives is not easy
for anyone, especially for someone like me who works in the
cosmetic field.

My new crush for Dr. Martens Pascal Metallic Pink

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My last fixation in the field of shoes, the Pascal Iced Metallic Pink
model by Dr. Martens, a very special ankle boot in iridescent
metallic leather from the original DNA!

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