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My world without perfumes and preservatives

Finding an allergy to perfumes and preservatives is not easy

for anyone, especially for someone like me who works in the

cosmetic field.

In fact, a short time ago it was confirmed, thanks to the patch test, that

perfumes and preservatives are the main haptens responsible for my

allergic contact dermatitis.

To discover the most common allergens, in Italy  is usually

performed the patch test , which is a test for allergy that consists in

the application on the back of the patches with small quantities of the

substances to be tested (Haptens). The small patches should

be kept for 48 h, time when you can not sweat or wet the skin so as not

to risk removing the patches. I personally have started to feel discomfort

and itching at the back until the early hours of the test, even now after

ten days I’m having a small intensity itch.

After removing the patches, I can say that my back made an impression

exactly like the image of a horror movie.

In conclusion the patch test made me realize that I have to be careful

to six allergens of the series SIDAPA.

Now that I’ve identified the substances that caused my contact allergic

reaction, I changed my lifestyle. The many products that I used usually

for the care of the person and for the care of the house, have become

without perfume, without preservatives and purchased  here and here.

IMG 6104 223x300 - My world without perfumes and preservatives

Allergic contact dermatitis is a widespread immune reaction in recent

years and unfortunately the predictions are that haptens

(potential allergenic) will be increasing.

Have any of you had to revolutionize his life as a result of an allergy?

IMG 3437 - My world without perfumes and preservatives

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