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Life in small cities

Hello my friends!

Firstly , I wanna tell you something about my provenance. I was born and raised in Bucarest, the capital and the most populous city of Romania, as well as the seventh most populous city of the European Union. A dynamic city, in constant change that offers a lot of surprises. When I arrived in Italy, fourteen years ago, I chose to live in a small town of Tuscany, where I’ve found the love of my life, got married and now we have two little girls.

In essence, in our house, we have found the tranquility and the peace that characterize all the small countries in Tuscany. For this reason, in almost all my fashion posts you will see a different little town, a tiny place to fall in love with. Given these points, you will see many beautiful places and very peaceful, with many chances to relax and enjoy nature.

IMG 5994 e1501174256710 200x300 - Life in small citiesIMG 5998 e1501174376533 200x300 - Life in small citiesIMG 6006 300x200 - Life in small cities

IMG 6008 300x200 - Life in small citiesIMG 6011 300x200 - Life in small citiesIMG 6013 300x200 - Life in small cities

IMG 6014 e1501174750356 200x300 - Life in small citiesIMG 6018 2 200x300 - Life in small citiesIMG 6024 e1501174775572 200x300 - Life in small cities

I will tell you a funny thing: at the beginning, when I just arrived in my little town, everyone seems to know me, but unfortunately I didn’t know nobody. Here is how your privacy ends, because everyone knows the “who, what, where, when, why and how”.. 😉

All things considered, don’t ask me if I prefer big cities or small cities, because I will tell you I prefer both, a mix of the two. In fact, I experienced both, living in a big city and living in a small city has its advantages and disadvantages on balance.

Generally speaking, whether you live in a Metropolis or a small town, just enjoy life every day, choose to make your life happy and colorful. After all this, tell me about you, do you prefer city life or countryside life?

In the same fashion tell me if you like my ethnic chic outfit.

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IMG 3437 - Life in small cities

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