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Lash lift for all!

If you don’t know what lash lift is,

do not worry, I didn’t even know it until recently.

“Your time has finally come to try a unique treatment, to have more curved, strong and elongated eyelashes.” This was the promise on the flyer I was reading. As of nature, I am a bit curious, therefore I didn’t waste any time and I booked my session in the specialized beauty center.

Now I will tell you about my experience in the aesthetic and wellness department within the Bettolle Pharmacy. Here, the two specialized beauticians, Ilaria and Marika have proven to be very kind and professional. With great patience and dedication, they explained the procedure to me step by step. My job was just to relax with my eyes closed for about 80 minutes.

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Initially, they applied treatment patches under my eyes. Then we start with the first phase of eyelash curving, modeling where we choose the form suitable for the shape of the eye. Once chosen, the silicone mold has adhered to the closed eyelid with the help of water-soluble hypoallergenic glue. Then the eyelashes are perfectly glued, one by one, to the silicone pads. In the course of, you get a lifting to your eyelashes, even the most rebellious and disordered will be perfectly ordered and combed.

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In the second step, there is the fixing of the form obtained with a collagen product. During the process, the eyelashes are reinforced and fleshed out. Their structure will be enhanced for months without the need to resort to false eyelashes.

Below the application of the color to give color to the lashes. And then the application of a moisturizing serum that nourishes the structure of the eyelashes thanks to the action of various active ingredients. In the finish, the lashes are softer and more glossy, with an intense color that enhances the shape of the eyes.

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At the end of the treatment, most importantly that the eyelashes are not rubbed even wet with water for at least 24 hours. After these hours, you can do your make-up quietly and you will see a wow effect on the mascara application day after day.

In conclusion, the lash lift process is a specialized naturalistic treatment for perfectly ordered and curved lashes. Above all, say goodbye to the eyelash curler for 6/8 weeks and wake up every morning with doe eyes!

IMG 3437 - Lash lift for all!

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