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In the streets of Cortona

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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Tuscany is Cortona. A small and welcoming Etruscan city built on an Aretine hill about 500 meters high. The imposing walls surround the city for about three kilometers. Consequently, this post is entirely dedicated to the historical center of the city.

On a December morning, my friend and colleague Daniela made me a tour guide through the streets of Cortona. I must say that I have been many times in this ancient village, but never seen so many small streets. Only a cortonese doc like her can know so many glimpses and little secrets of the place. 😉

We met in Piazza della Repubblica in front of the Palazzo Comunale. It is not by chance that we have chosen this reference point. When you think of Cortona, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful staircase of the town.

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Our walk continues towards the cathedral of the village, where you can see a beautiful view of the Valdichiana. The historic center of the city boasts of many religious buildings of different artistic styles.

 A walking path through the steep streets of the village to be done in half a day. Discovering the most picturesque views, crossing the narrow Etruscan streets. A city rich in history and art.

Between the two main squares of Cortona is the MAEC (Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona). The seat of the museum is Palazzo Casali, located in Piazza Signorelli, between the Palazzo Comunale and the theater.

This Etruscan city is much visited by foreign tourists, especially in the summer. Moments animated by the international photography festival Cortona on the Move and the Cortona Mix Festival cultural event. As well as other special events of the place like the steak festival that takes place in August.

Shopping and souvenirs

The best place to go shopping is Giovanni Raspini, the boutique of the Tuscan brand is housed in an ancient residential building. Precisely in the Via Nazionale that the locals affectionately call Rugapiana. The design of the store has decided to respect the environment and the strong identity of the place.

All products are handmade with great care by creative artisans in the heart of Tuscany. They are producing silverware from 1972. Creating beautiful things from jewelry to objects for the home like the champagne bucket.

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