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How to wear a crop top

First of all, what is a crop top?

A crop top can be a top, shirt, sweater or t-shirt for women, it’s important to be short or very short. Surely you think that a garment of this kind is for the youngest or for a perfect silhouette. I am not part of any of the two categories of women, with all this I found the solution. My goal is not to show you my navel piercing. Oops, I’ve revealed a secret to you. 😉

I found this white Zara crop top in my wardrobe, bought over a year ago and never worn. To complete the look I wore a denim skirt by H & M, Sophia Webster sneakers and Gaetano Navarra bag. Easy to look younger than I am true !? 😉

Discovering only one centimeter of the stomach means discovering the belly with elegance. Especially when we women and mothers, we are aware that the belly is our weakest point.
So arm yourself with courage and wear your favorite crop top rigorously combined with a high-waisted garment.

IMG 0440 225x300 - How to wear a crop top

IMG 0444 225x300 - How to wear a crop top

IMG 0445 225x300 - How to wear a crop top

IMG 3437 - How to wear a crop top

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