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How a brand is born

A brand was born primarily from a passion, a personal story that you read in the post “A passion called fashion“. But from pure passion to transformation into a brand, there is a long way between projects and obstacles of various kinds that I am not going to list.

There is certainly no greater satisfaction than seeing your project grow. Initially, I approached the web world, creating the blog and learning little by little everything around it. I confess that behind a site, in the back office, the reality is much more complex than it may seem. I am currently happy with my LadySi e-shop even if every day there is nothing to be taken for granted.

Among the things that pushed me to reinvent myself was also the work situation that no longer stimulated me as in the past. The desire to learn new things, to enrich my knowledge and skills. Life is too vast, it is constantly evolving and expanding, to keep up with the times we must be hungry for knowledge.

The LadySi brand was also born for a personal need, not finding clothing for my tastes on the market, which over the years, has become increasingly difficult. 🙂 As well as the requests of my daughters when they said to me: “Mom, we dress the same!”; “Mom, I want shoes like yours!” And then I realized that to be happy, an outfit equal to mom and why not to the best friend or sister is enough. 😉

Now between projects and new ideas, I am in a wonderful phase of personal growth. Constant training, online courses, reading books related to my business to develop new skills are also very important. In fact, if sometimes I am not very present on the various social networks, it does not mean that I don’t like socializing with you but that I am in the creative phase. 😉

Along my path, I have learned not to set limits, to put my ideas into practice, to get exactly where I want. Since life does not always reserve us simple moments, I wish you to reflect on your dreams and desires by becoming the woman you want to be: feminine, determined, sweet, courageous, dreamer, practical, in short, you decide and … don’t forget to let me know. 😉

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Who is the LadySi woman?

  • A woman who says yes to life, love, freedom, creativity, dynamism.
  • Idealist, environmental protection, human rights.
  • It will never fail in its principles of ethics and fairness.
  • Her sense of freedom leads her to love the future.
  • Always looking to improve their own person.
  • She loves having the latest trends, but she does not miss the indispensable items that every woman should have in her wardrobe.
  • When she goes shopping with friends, buys often identical clothes because they have the same tastes.
  • Although she has different origins, she loves Tuscany and all that is related to this beautiful region: the colors, the flavors, the most ancient villages, the sea.
  • She puts her heart into it to achieve her goals.
  • Her style is eclectic, feminine and daring, she loves to mix trends to create her own outfit.
  • Loves the color red and all its shades.
  • It is an endless well of ideas, of creativity, therefore it loves to personalize its creations.
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