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From Cortona with love

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Last Friday, my friend Sara and I met to get a cappuccino and tell our love stories. And afterwards, our walk begins for the course of the city, between Renaissance and seventeenth-century buildings, between shops and typical places. The goal of the morning was to find the ideal location to take pictures of this post.

IMG 7477 - From Cortona with love

We stopped in the stone stairway of the town hall where we made friends with a curious cat. I do not know if he wanted to take pictures with us or was simply attracted to my faux fur stole.  🙂

IMG 7466 - From Cortona with love

While we were walking, in front of the Signorelli theater, located in the square of the same name, we saw a trip of guys. At that point, we told ourselves to take advantage of the moment and as a result, we visited the interior of the beautiful theater.

05860825 C037 4B67 BCE5 D0436854BA42 - From Cortona with love

After a couple of hours, we arrived at the Fortezza di Girifalco, in the hill overlooking the entire Valdichiana. In the final, we found the best location, above the Basilica of Santa Margherita, at an altitude of about 650 meters. A special place that hides many stories of love and more. For this, I should write another post. 😉

8A7904C2 E729 4B60 B81B E9C875E4781A - From Cortona with love

3FA400C0 14C6 4D79 9EBC E38BD5196876 - From Cortona with love

A35F687A 157E 4763 AFF1 F24015AE8AF8 - From Cortona with love


1D787AC8 4960 4978 B41B FFBB704B2E57 - From Cortona with love

9EBC5CDE 3F0C 4D38 A0CB 866B7B0E45D3 - From Cortona with love

IMG 3437 - From Cortona with love

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