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Finding that perfect pair of jeans

Jeans is an indispensable garment in everyone’s wardrobe, with all this it is sometimes difficult to find the right pair that satisfies our needs regarding comfort, fit and washing. Usually these are the aspects that we focus on when we are in the dressing rooms to try the models.
We all agree that a pair of jeans is perfect when it wraps our body and keeps its shape over time. Then each of us knows their own body, style and favorite denim brands. As we know the tastes change continuously, if years ago I was using low waist jeans , after I became a mom I started to buy only high-waist jeans .
When we do not know what to wear, jeans are the right answer for every occasion, they are perfectly matched with any kind of shoe, from the simplest slides up to the heels 12 pumps.
Among the fast fashion brands, H&M fully satisfies my needs, both for high-waist models, for quality and durability. In the wide selection of washes we find essential models as well as embroidered with flowers and pearls. To buy here.

IMG 3560 225x300 - Finding that perfect pair of jeans

Surely we all have in the closet a pair of Levi’s, the most desired jeans in the world, a timeless style. My favorite is the 501 Skinny model, of course high rise with a straight fit through hip and thigh. In the history of denim, the American Levi Strauss perfected the overalls, when the lotto number 501 was given. So after years of cowboy uniform, jeans has turned into sophisticated must-have. To buy here.
I’d be curious to know your favorite  model or the denim brands you usually buy. Write me in the comments below. Thank  you for sharing.

IMG 3737 242x300 - Finding that perfect pair of jeans

IMG 3731 225x300 - Finding that perfect pair of jeans

IMG 3735 192x300 - Finding that perfect pair of jeans

IMG 3437 - Finding that perfect pair of jeans

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