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Beauty Pearls

Hello beauties!

I am working for months on this blog, but I have to confess you that is not easy for me starting from nothing with all the millions of blogs that exists in this world. Passing difficult momets with a busy schedule my skin was full of acne. Altrough I was using the best skin products and beauty specialist treatments my skin was not improving. I remember that the last spring my friend suggested me to try the beauty pearls from the herbalist’s shop. What is inside of these little pearls and what are the benefits you will ask. 😉

IMG 2304 e1496678057495 225x300 - Beauty Pearls

Happy that I find the solution for my skin problems I will tell you the secret : inside the pearls there is wheat germ oil, a vegetal oil extracted from the kernel of wheat grains. With a high concentration of vitamin E and many benefits for the skin has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It is used for recurring acne, fine lines, dark spots, pigmentation of the skin, premature wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dull complexion, protects skin from free radical damage.

Once you cut the pearl you can apply the oil topically on your face to soothe and repair your skin and you can use them like food supplements, from 3 to 6 pearls a day after your meals.

Discover yourself the benefits of the beauty pearls buy it here Amazon




IMG 3437 - Beauty Pearls

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