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A passion named fashion

This is the story of a passion named fashion that turns into a real dream called

What is the percentage of women who are passionate about fashion and style? Actually, it’s the first time I’ve asked myself that. I’m certainly passionate about fashion! So fascinated that this year I launched my personal brand named LadySi. The first Italian brand dedicated entirely to mothers and daughters who love to have the same style.

How was such a passion born? Like all the girls, I also played with dolls, I made small clothes for them with the help of an aunt, who was a very good seamstress.

Later on, this passion for beautiful things grew when my mom brought me the most beautiful clothes of those times from Turkey. Because there, in Istanbul, there was much more choice than in Romania, where communism had just fallen. So, over the years I was always discovering new fashion brands, new clothes and accessories.

I remember once having spotted a pair of latest fashion shoes in the window of the most expensive shop in Bucharest. In my adolescence I was very shy, I didn’t have the courage to ask my parents to buy me these shoes. With the strong desire to have them, all the money I received to go to school was destined for the piggy bank of desires. Finally, when I finished grouping the money, my number was gone, but I still bought the shoes, with a larger number. 😉

After finishing the fashion designer courses, I arrived in Italy with my portfolio and the dream of working in the fashion world. Instead the first thing I did was to fall in love and get married, to build a family, in short, not to miss anything.

Now, after so many years of dreams, work and commitment, I have achieved what I have always wanted.

What would I like to send you? To have the courage, the audacity to pursue your dreams, your passions, up to your final goal.

My goal for next year? Develop LadySi, make it a brand tailored for you. Obviously with the help of your valuable advice, suggestions and ideas. Feel free to drop me a line here.

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