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Skin Care Routine

Hello Beautiful!!!

Yes, You are beautiful, We all are beautiful! There are no ugly women,

My world without perfumes and preservatives

Finding an allergy to perfumes and preservatives is not easy
for anyone, especially for someone like me who works in the
cosmetic field.

My new crush for Dr. Martens Pascal Metallic Pink

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My last fixation in the field of shoes, the Pascal Iced Metallic Pink
model by Dr. Martens, a very special ankle boot in iridescent
metallic leather from the original DNA!

Spring by the sea

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When spring blossoms, we immediately hear the call of the sea, the desire to feel the sand barefoot, to walk carefree in the sunshine.

The little warriors with the military jacket

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Learn how to fight from a young age in the war of styles
with a perfect military jacket to wear every spring day.

Finding that perfect pair of jeans

Jeans is an indispensable garment in everyone’s wardrobe, with all this it is sometimes difficult to find the right pair that satisfies our needs regarding comfort,

The power of a red lipstick

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The weapon of female seduction in our beauty-cases

Christmas parties are past, Valentine’s Day as well, however there is always a good reason to wear a red lipstick.

Bernina Red Train, a trip from Tirano to St. Moritz

Talking to some people about the red Bernina train, most did not know what it was about. Instead a twelve-year-old boy told me “I know because I just studied at school!”

How to organize a birthday party for 8 years children

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Arranging the birthday party of your son/daughter
can be challenging.

With all this you know how it works, the happiness of children

is priceless.

Homemade liquors and the race among friends

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Pomegranate Liquor vs. Limoncello Cream
Do not think that it is a race of those who drink more, it is only a race of the flavors of excellent homemade liquors.

8 Timeless Coats (to buy on sale) that every woman should own

Posted on

The coat in every woman’s wardrobe is surely an indispensable piece.

Especially for those who adopt a uniform style and dress the

same almost every day,

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