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8 Timeless Coats (to buy on sale) that every woman should own

The coat in every woman’s wardrobe is surely an indispensable piece.

Especially for those who adopt a uniform style and dress the

same almost every day,


Paris and the magic of Christmas season

If you think you have seen everything about Paris,  this wonderful metropolis
you are wrong because here there is always something new to discover.

What is Cyprus like?

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Since we’re back from our vacation,
everyone asks us: “What is Cyprus like?”

First of all, this third island of the Mediterranean Sea is divided into two,

Lash lift for all!

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If you don’t know what lash lift is,
do not worry, I didn’t even know it until recently.

“Your time has finally come to try a unique treatment,

Where to eat in Asciano Tuscany

A place to eat well, in the most authentic Tuscany

Have you ever wanted to go out for dinner, even if you do not know where to eat?

Walking around Milan

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Milan is one of the top 10 destinations in Italy and in Europe to visit in winter.

I fully agree with the statistics made by 

In the streets of Cortona

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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Tuscany is Cortona. A small and welcoming Etruscan city built on an Aretine hill about 500 meters high.

From Cortona with love

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Last Friday, my friend Sara and I met to get a cappuccino and tell our love stories. And afterwards, our walk begins for the course of the city,

The turtleneck the perfect garment for cold days

Lately, I prefer to choose a turtleneck as a uniform to combat a sore throat, the most common annoyance in the fall.

The star of the autumn the glen check jacket

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The checked jacket, or the investment piece to have absolutely this fall.

Obviously, the heaviness of the fabric is to be adapted according to the temperatures that in Europe are 15 degrees above the historical average.

An animal touch to every outfit

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The animal prints are certainly among the most popular trends of the autumn winter season.

As a result we find the leopard,

How to wear a crop top

First of all, what is a crop top?

A crop top can be a top, shirt, sweater or t-shirt for women,

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